Shrubs and Hedging Plants


We grow and sell a wide range of shrubs, including flowering shrubs, evergreen shrubs, large shrubs for privacy and hedging plants. We specialise in shrubs that provide interest in the garden during winter, when everything else can look a bit tired and dull. 

Hedging Plants

We have a wide range of hedging plants, both potted and bare root. Our range includes: Yew, Hazel, Portugese Laurel, Lonicera nitida, Common Laurel, Hawthorn, Blackthorn, Thuja, Chamaecyparis, Beech and Photinia. 

Bare root is the most cost effective way to buy hedging. The plants are field grown, lifted and stored in loose compost. When you purchase them they are supplied without soil around the roots. Pot grown hedging plants are grown in their pots and are more expensive, but establish quicker and are far less likely to fail.

Come and see us at the nursery, or contact us if you have any enquiries.