About Us

The Nursery

The site has been a nursery for many decades and was taken on by current owner Billy Stott, a recent graduate in Commercial Horticulture. The nursery grows a range of of shrubs, hedging plants and speciality snowdrops.

Peat-free and Sustainable

We believe in being as sustainable as possible. Peat-free growing media is used throughout the production process on the nursery, from propagation to growing plants on for sale. We want to help to reduce the negative impacts of harvesting peat from peat bogs, so we use a peat-free growing media that is bark-based. 

When you visit the nursery you will find that we use newspaper and jute twine to wrap our plants after purchase and use paper bags instead of plastic.

Environmentally Friendly

Over the past 2 years many native deciduous and broadleaf trees have been planted around the site to encourage wildlife by improving the woodland habitat.